Director's Message
Mrs. Neelam Malhotra

Director's Message

Dear Parents,

In the memory of Late Shri Lovleen Malhotra, I Mrs.Neelam Malhotra feel blessed to be a part in the noble act of imparting knowledge to the children and making them erudite. We provide the best possible environment to enable them develop the power of observation, stimulate their curiosity and develop the capacity to think and learn. We put in extra effort to make the child sociable. Social interaction through group work and other activities is encouraged. Our attempt is to inculcate good healthy habits and teach simple etiquettes.

My aim is to give an all round development to the child's personality. Our approach is psychological and all teaching programmes are planned according to the prevailing demand of competition and the need of the child. Smart classes are introduced to make education more easy and interesting. Small children are provided with educational toys, playing equipments, teaching aids and audio-visual aids to develop their concentration, imagination and co-ordination of movements. Due stress is given to craft and drawing which is an integral part of the curriculum. Singing and dramatics are encouraged. Regular P.T. and games help in the physical development of the child. Morning Assembly helps the integration of teachers and children, where we pass general information to the students.

Thank You.



With passionate teaching, our students will gain exceptional academic skills, be aspirational thinkers and have a thirst for lifelong learning. They will develop a depth of knowledge and an independence of mind and spirit to allow them to become the best version of themselves.


Our students will have the opportunity to take risks and learn that failure is part of success, giving them the strength, resilience and confidence to achieve. Opportunities to explore and persevere with passions and interests outside the classroom will broaden horizons and develop character and curiosity.


Our students combine tradition, morality and ethical values with forward thinking and a modern global outlook. They are reflective, creative and analytical, and consider their own learning and experiences while showing others empathy, compassion and respect.

Cambridge High School, Kanpur

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